MIG Co-Founders win Prestigious Innovators Awards

Sagar Jadeja

Medical Intelligence Group's (MIG) co-founders, Sagar Jadeja and Divia Bhatnagar, recently clinched the coveted Young Innovators Award 22/23 and the Woman in Innovation Award 22/23, respectively, from Innovate UK. These awards recognize individuals with profound contributions to the field of healthcare innovation.

Raised in The Wirral, Sagar Jadeja wasn't your typical high achiever at school, but his enthusiasm for science was undeniable. An experience that changed his trajectory was volunteering at a hospital and care home, which exposed him to a diverse group of people. Initially on a path to dentistry, Sagar discovered his true calling lay elsewhere - in broader healthcare. His encounter with the detrimental effects of diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) on a family member was the catalyst behind founding MIG. He mentions, "Understanding the gap in NHS resources for managing this condition made it evident how a monitor for DFUs could make a profound difference."

On the other hand, Edinburgh-bred Divia Bhatnagar's journey was marked by her ardor for technology. Following her graduation in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, she gravitated towards London's start-up scene, igniting her entrepreneurial spirit. As the Chief Technical Officer of MIG, Divia's ambition is to redefine healthcare. She is spearheading the development of a cutting-edge remote patient monitoring device employing 3D tech, crafting an authentic representation of the foot. This allows clinicians to make informed decisions remotely. Divia sheds light on the technology's importance, stating, "Many patients, especially in BAME communities, cannot access timely care, mostly due to nerve damage or an overburdened healthcare system. Our solution not only ensures timely intervention but also aims to drastically cut down the alarming rates of limb loss and fatalities resulting from DFUs."

An advocate for increased women representation in tech, Divia acknowledges the challenges posed by a lack of women leaders and inherent biases regarding technical proficiency. Winning the Woman in Innovation award isn't just a personal achievement for her; it's a statement. She envisions her award as a beacon for aspiring female tech enthusiasts, urging them to "embrace the uncomfortable" and shatter the glass ceilings.