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A Company with a Vision

Founded in 2020, Medical Intelligence Group (MIG) has a goal to revolutionize healthcare with AI-driven prevention over treatment. Embracing patient-centric, cost-effective systems, we earned Innovate UK's backing in just 3 months – catapulting our vision for proactive health solutions.

key pillars

Our Approach


At MIG, we're partnering with diabetes consultants, launching trials to rigorously validate solutions in diabetic foot ulcer care. Both patients and professionals are at the heart of this crucial innovation testing.


Our dedicated team dives into healthcare challenges, harnessing the latest in machine learning to forecast outcomes in patients with diabetes-specific co-morbidities.


We ensure robust implementation of our validated healthcare solutions. Leveraging adaptable technology, we enable rapid rollouts and continuous improvements based on data-driven evidence.

MIG works alongside institutions like glasgow and Oxford university, with funding from innovate uk.

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