MIG and Innovate UK Collaborate on the SPACER App

Sagar Jadeja

In a pivotal move to combat the spread of COVID-19, MIG has announced a strategic partnership with Innovate UK, aiming to advance the SPACER application—a digital tool designed to help prevent the virus's transmission by alerting users when they come too close to another individual.

The novel coronavirus has introduced unparalleled challenges to the world. Social distancing, one of the primary preventive measures, has been globally accepted as essential in slowing the spread of the virus. Recognizing this, the SPACER app's main feature is to provide real-time alerts to individuals when they come within 2 metres of another person, thereby reinforcing social distancing guidelines.

The app is equipped with a dual-privacy mechanism. Firstly, SPACER guarantees user privacy by not recording or storing personal data. This feature ensures that users can employ the app without any concerns about data breaches or misuse of their personal information. Furthermore, the application offers users the flexibility to use it anonymously or, for those who prefer, create a login for a personalized experience.

"We believe that technology can be a great ally in these challenging times," commented a representative from MIG. "With SPACER, we're offering a tool that is not only intuitive and user-friendly but also respects individual privacy."

The collaboration's mantra, 'MORE SPACE MEANS MORE LIVES SAVED', serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of social distancing during this pandemic. It is hoped that with increased adoption and awareness of tools like SPACER, nations will be better equipped to flatten the curve and ultimately overcome COVID-19.